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A International diary for our foosball family


August 24, 2018, is a day of weekend in autumn. In Beijing, dozens of foosers arrived at KIRIN place.

They are here to join in the 2018 KIRIN Beijing Foosball Open, whose competitors are not only from China but also from the world.


这场比赛是2018年中国首场桌上足球国际积分赛,赛事级别是ITSF Pro Tour Event,是今年全球职业巡回系列赛事的一站。

2018 KIRIN Beijing Foosball Open, held from August 24th to 26th, has created two records: the first record is that the tournament is China's first ITSF event of 2018 and also the one stop of ranked ITSF Pro Tour Event.


The Second record is that the game was held in Wangjing Kirin district, Beijing. As for the location, Beijing is northernmost among the cities that ever hold ITSF event in china. Also, because KIRIN Place is located in the northern part of Beijing, the game became an ITSF event hold in the northernmost in China so far.

8月24日下午六点,比赛拉开了它的序幕。长达四个半小时的Open DYP更像是一场狂欢,让来自十个国家的数十名选手迅速成为了好朋友。天下打球的人本就是一家人,麒麟新天地就是他们在北京的家。

At 6:00 pm of August 24th, the first competition of the series began. The Open DYP lasted for nearly four and a half hours and was more like a carnival, making dozens of players from ten countries quickly know each other and become good friends. The players form the world are like a family and KIRIN Place is their home in Beijing.

获得Open DYP冠军的是来自杭州的宋仁超和来自台湾的吴明炫组合。


获得Open DYP亚军的来自波兰的Anatol Biegacz和来自克罗地亚的Matej Kunte组合。这是他们第一次认识,当然也是他们第一次搭档,居然如此默契,看来foosball真的是全世界所有人交朋友最好的媒介。

获得Open DYP季军的是来自马来西亚的Sean和来自哈尔滨的朱彦哲组合。马来西亚是亚洲桌上足球开展的最好的国家之一,他们的选手首日即取得名次可谓正常。而朱彦哲,五年前就在北京的比赛中取得过冠军,此次故地重游依然秀了肌肉。

The winner of the Open DYP is Song Renchao from Hangzhou and Wu Mingxuan from Taiwan.

Song Renchao had been playing foosball in Harbin for years, who was the No. 1 seed in local area and always had a chance to show on a match. Now he is not young anymore but still a very charming guy. Besides, Wu from Taiwan is a long-known master, and this is his first time to participate in the Beijing tournament. The good news is that he won the championship here.

The runner-up of open DYP belongs to the team of Anatol Biegacz from Poland and the Matej Kunte group from Croatiaranked. It's the first time they've met, and also the first time they've worked together, while they cooperated so well that it seems that foosball is indeed the best platform for people around the world to make friends.

Team of Sean from Malaysia and Zhu Yanzhe from Harbin finished third. Malaysia, as one of the countries in Asian where people know foosball very well, its not surprised that their players is able to do that. Zhu won the championship in Beijing five years ago, this time he shown his outstanding capability on return visit again


你一定知道,在每个重大比赛里,首日的Open DYP都是开胃菜,既然开胃菜已经如此精彩,那后面的比赛当然更值得期待。

8月25日,第二个比赛日,比赛内容是Open doubles和Women's Singles。

Open doubles历来是比赛中的重头戏,因为每个队伍的组成都不是“盲目相亲”,是两个人互相精挑细选产生的队伍。所以Open doubles观赏性极强,而且谁也说不好最后的冠军会是谁。


The appetizer——Open DYP that held on the first day of every major competition was so exciting. However, the following competitions was even more exciting and worth looking forward to.

On August 25th, the second match day, the game of Open Doubles and Women's Singles started.

Open Doubles has always been an important part of the game, because each team is not made up by "blind matches". The team members have selected carefully each other. As a result, Open Doubles is highly ornamental and no one can tell who the winner will be.

The charm of this sport is that you can't predict the outcome. If you really love a sport, there will be wonderful moments—— at least we guarantee that you can meet them here in this time’s matches hold in KIRIN Place.

获得Open doubles Pro组冠军的是来自伊朗的Abbas和来自波兰的Anatol组合。对了,他俩都生活在杭州,所以,记住他俩的名字吧,下次去美丽的杭州让他俩请你吃西湖醋鱼,奖金肯定是够请吃一顿了。

获得Open doubles Pro组亚军的是来自马来西亚的Sean和Victor。马来西亚人再次证明了他们不是来北京旅游的,他们是来拿名次并且顺便旅游的。

获得Open doubles Pro组季军的是来自荷兰的Kenny和来自瑞典的Johan。他俩都已经在上海生活了多年,他俩也是上海桌上足球公开赛的主要运营者。我们除了恭喜,还要致敬。加油!

The winner of the Open Doubles Pro was team of Abbas from Iran and Anatol from Poland. By the way, they both live in Hangzhou. Remember their names, and next time you visit Hangzhou, you may ask them to invite you to eat the West Lake vinegar fish; the bonus they won will be enough to pay for the dish.

The runner-up of the Open Doubles Pro group were Sean and Victor from Malaysia. The Malaysians proved once again that they were not here only sightseeing in Beijing, they were coming to win back their glory and travel, by the way.

The bronze medalist is the team of Kenny from Netherlands and Johan from Sweden. Both of them have lived in Shanghai for years and are the main operators of the Shanghai Foosball Open. Congratulations to them! Cheers guys!

获得Open doubles Non-Pro组冠军的是来自德国的Milan Esser和来自北京的王潼组合。Milan是本次比赛最后一个报名的选手,此次喜获名次,对于他,对于麒麟新天地,都是惊喜。王潼也是麒麟新天地的一员福将,早在我们今年赛季的第一场比赛她就拿了冠军,此次又卷土重来,颇有舍我其谁的风范。

获得Open doubles Non-Pro组亚军的是克罗地亚选手Matej Kunte和肖磊组合。他们在赛前临时组队,看来真的是实力和默契兼具。

获得Open doubles Non-Pro组季军的是来自马来西亚的组合:Cyrus和Muhammad。马来西亚真不愧是foosball这项运动的天堂,他们的选手出现在诸多项目的领奖台上。

The winners of the Open Doubles Non-Pro group is Milan Esser from Germany and Wang Tong from Beijing. Milan is the last player to register for this competition. It was a surprise for him as well as for Kirin. Wang Tong is also a lucky member of the Kirin club. As early as she won the championship in our first season's game, this time, she made a comeback, and she has a demeanor.

The runner-up of the Open Doubles Non-Pro team is the combination of Croatian Matej Kunte and Xiao Lei. They seem to have a real strength and tacit understanding when they team up temporarily before the game.

The third winner in the Open Doubles Non-Pro group is a combination from Malaysia: Cyrus and Muhammad. Malaysia is indeed a paradise for foosball, and its players appear on the podium of many events.


Besides those introduced before,there are other exciting competitions. Women's singles is one of the most important part in the second competition day. This is the first time that women's singles established in Beijing tournament. Women are indispensable to men, and the same to foosball match.

获得女子单打冠军的是来自上海的Summer Zhuang。Summer是上海滩的一个传奇人物,曾经参加过上次北京公开赛。如果你仔细翻看过去几年中国桌上足球公开赛的日历,总能找到她的身影。


好在,Ammy Li获得了女子单打第三名,她来自大连,是个北方人,虽然没有麒麟新天地那么靠北。

The winner of the women's singles is Summer Zhuang from Shanghai. Summer is a legendary figure in Shanghai and she participated in the last Beijing open. You will always find her her name recorded on the document of China Foosball Open in the past few years.

The runner-up was Nicole who also came from Shanghai, and participated in the last Beijing open. The girls from Shanghai are so excellent!

Ammy Li won the third place in women's singles. She is from Dalian, fortunately not shanghai. The city is located in northern China, though not as northward as KIRIN Place.





The match held in August 25th was a feast. To be honest, competitors really had a feast after the match.

August 26th, the last day of the Beijing Open, is also the day of Singles.The players were still enthusiastic, and the competition was like a raging fire.The match lasted for 11 hours, and players gained friendship through the competition.

获得公开单打Pro组冠军的是Milan,就是我们前面提到的Milan Esser。啊。Milan完美的解释了什么叫“收获满满”。



The winner of the group Pro is Milan, exactly the one we mentioned earlier. What Milan gain illustrates what is called "harvest".

The runner-up of the group Pro of the singles was Piaohuan from Dalian. In the battle of first and second place, there was no loser, because their performance were wonderful that audience enjoyed a lot.

The second runner-up for the singles was Johan. As one of the best players who comes from Sweden and lives in Asia, in every competition he joins, he proved himself that he has the potential to win a prize.




The winner of the Open Singles Non-Pro Group was Cyrus from Malaysia. Cyrus is a famous foosball promoter in Asia. The success of recent held Malaysian Open owe to him partly. It is a great honor for us to have him in KIRIN Place.

Zhao Jian, the runner-up of the Open Singles Non-Pro, was from Langfang. No one expected him to be the runner-up before the match because he signed up for the match on the spot on the day of the match being held. In such high-profile competitions, the people who sign up on the spot must be so eminent and Zhao Jian had proved this.

The second runner-up of the open group Non-Pro was Chen Shanshan from Beijing. As one of the famous female players of china foosball, she proved the ability of Beijing in this competition.


Three days flew so fast. There were 27 prizes awarded, and most importantly, the living tapestry of China foosball shows its beauty to all of us once again in the KIRIN Place.







感谢Jack J Huang,the president of ATSA,帮助我们招募顶尖选手。

感谢火球创始人Dennis Jiang,赛后的party有你在,我们点菜都特别有底气。



As for us KIRIN Place, this year's season is over. But, it's not an end. On the contrary, it's a 3start.

Every farewell is for the next meeting. We are expecting to see all the audiences again in 2019.

Here, we would like to thank all those who shared commitment on organizing this competition successfully:

Thanks to Ms. Bian Xiangfei, chairman of CTSF, for her strong support and assistance for the competition.

Thank to Wu Mingxuan who came from Taiwan and arrived four hours earlier to help setting the tables. The friendship is worth remembering.

Thanks to Johan , Jos and Kenny, help running the game. These guys have seen the match blossomed into an international event.

Thanks to Jack J Huang, the president of ATSA, to help us recruit top players.

Thanks to the founder of fireball Dennis Jiang, with you, we became so bold when we were odering dishes on that after party.

Thanks to all the competitors. because of them, the 2018 Qilin Cup Beijing Open was so successful and interesting.

Also thanks to the support of the foosball teams from all over the world.

关于我为你写的日记,有相遇 也有别离,我在城市的咖啡厅里,假装对面有你,跟你玩沉默的游戏,还爱你的我实在笨的可以...返回搜狐,查看更多



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